The career development agency KadrAgent is focused on maximum satisfaction of the customer’s requirements, allowing our cooperation being transformed into a reliable long-term partnership.

In our business we use the methods that help us in providing such candidates that meet all requirements of our partners therefore we close the required personnel positions in minimal time.

Our advantages:

  1. Our specialists search and recruit personnel quickly and efficiently, conduct a psychological testing and help the job seekers with employment.
  2. We place the announcement of opened job opportunities in mass media, using only our own resources.
  3. We provide the legal support in disputes between an Employer and an Employee.
  4. Our prices are adequate and calculated individually for each Customer.
  5. We guarantee free of charge replacement (one time) of a specialist, if a candidate selected by us was fired within the first month of his/hers employment.
  6. We can provide outstaffing and mass staffing services.