KadrAgent career development agency offers the following services on each of the following stages:

  1. Identifying customer’s needs, job assessment, negotiating the conditions of a contract and executing an application, defining the cost of services, negotiating the terms:
    • Obtaining information about the job from a customer (via telephone or e-mail)
    • Specialist’s visit to a customer or arranging of a meeting in our office
    • Discussing of all aspects of the project
    • Execution of a contract, approval of an application
  2. Search for and selection of a candidate:
    • The candidate search is conducted based on own database, experts’ recommendations, press materials, forums, blogs, corporate portals, web-sites and industrial Internet platforms
    • Interview with candidates is performed by our consulting head-hunter. As a result the information on the best candidates (candidate evaluation) is provided for the Customer
  3. Presentation of the best candidates to a customer:
    • Presentation of the job seekers’ CVs with comments of the agency’s specialists to a customer
    • Arranging of a job interview with selected candidates in the Customer’s or our office
    • Approval of a candidate
  4. Start of the candidate's employment and guarantees
    • Start of the candidate's employment
    • Execution of the certificate of services rendered and issuing of an invoice, fulfilment of financial obligations
    • Monitoring of a candidate’s performance during the probationary period – feed-back
    • Guarantee (one time) to replace the candidate, if the selected candidate will be fired within the first month of his/hers employment
  5. We provide the legal and court support in all cases of disputes between the customer and its employees.

Outstaffing (customer-company has no employer’s obligations to employees, who are not registered in the company’s staff, but efficiently work in such company), mass staffing