In a modern dynamic and fast-evolving world we all are searching for new ways to develop our business. And it is the right human resource solutions that make a ground for embodying the most daring ideas and reaching the unprecedented heights.

Our company is focused on solving the HR issues in oil and gas and mining industries and staffing in engineering, construction and production segments.

KadrAgent’s experts conduct the personnel search and selection using an extensive database, proven methods, efficient staffing techniques, developed information flows and high level of own professional skills.

Additionally, the career development agency KadrAgent offers its legal support in dispute resolutions between an Employer and an Employee, outstaffing services, mass and temporary staffing.

We are your responsible Agent in HR domain. Applying our innovative ideas we will help the Employers implement their plans and assist the job seekers in finding a desired job and climbing a career ladder.

Leave the personnel search and recruitment in our professional hands, and we will help you create an efficient professional team!